Clash of Clans update not compatible on Android

By Alan Ng - Jan 26, 2016

The Clash of Clans maintenance break has finished for January 26, 2016 but straight away we can see that many players are having problems with Clash of Clans device not compatible messages after trying to update.

We’re not sure what is going on, but this is the second time in a row where players have suffered problems with the Android version specifically – iOS seems to be ok.

In the last update on Android, we also told you about how the Clash of Clans update was not on the Google Play Storeis this happening again for you?

Right now, we know for a fact that the Clash of Clans update is not working on Android and you can see the message that everyone is getting with the image below.


Just to point out, the same message is happening on new devices as well as old on the latest version of Android 5.1 Lollipop. That includes the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, LG G2 and many more.

We will bring you updates on this situation as we get it, but for now Supercell has not said anything about specific Android problems on Twitter.

Are you getting Clash of Clans device not compatible errors when installing the new update on January 26,2016? If so, what device are you using?

We will update this article as necessary.

Update: Supercell has now posted a Clash of Clans ‘device not compatible’ fix for those having problems. Try it and let us know if it works for you.

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  • Bernie

    done doing advice not working

  • Bernie

    not working for my phone, lenovo a7000 andriod version 5.0 / google play store build version 5.1.11

    • Funky Chiken

      Same bro, bought new phone today and i download the game and load my village, it says it’s not compatible

  • d

    It worked for my s5

  • Evy Allenbrand

    Clear cache as described above worked for my LG Power

  • Chan Chhaya

    It works after I’ve updated to android version 5.0.1 (LG G2)

  • Nicole Shafer

    Not working

  • Paul Erickson

    They still refuse to fix it.

  • Josh Madril

    Still not compatible
    with lg risio

  • Dawna Gryphon

    I have a droid turbo. I have tried the suggestion here and cannot reinstall the game. I am still incompatible.

  • Msm Kps

    This is an overrated game, for sure. May people who doesnt know anything about the game will like this. Just watch PC and console games, waiting for terror graphics games like farcry, tombraider and many more etc., Its obviously overrated.

  • KMO

    If you go to google play through the browser, be sure to try installing the app at least 10 times. I got an error message multiple times but it worked after I pushed install for the 8 or 9th time.

  • Umang

    For everyone who’s facing this problem..go to Google play store through your browser, log in and install the game. Worked for me without any issues.

  • Kristina Lea Slover

    I have an LG G4 and have tried everything but nothing is fixing the issue. Fix this please!

    • scorpio

      Hi download it using google play through your browser ,just done it on my lgg4 and it worked

  • Ted

    Its a sign to find another game. This one is played out!

  • Keller

    The fix isn’t working.

  • atkinson

    Samsung tab7 also have the same problem whit this thing.

  • Jean Castor

    LG G4 (LG-H540) Same thing happening. cant search clash of clans in google play and device not compatible after the January 26 update.

  • Josh

    LG Stylo doesn’t work for it. Tried deleting the app to get it to do more than show a blank screen, now it’s impossible to get it back. Tried the fix, no go. This needs to be fixed. I gave in time and money and lost my town hall 7 account. Right at the beginning of a clan war too. I’m pissed. Might not even go back when it’s fixed.

    • Richard Hurley

      Did it fix itself for you? I posted a fix for the LG Stylo a few comments below

  • Sachin Sharma

    All of a sudden my device is showing incompatibility issues after coc 26 JAN 2016 update,
    In spite using the latest available version of android. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Princr

    Samsung galaxy avant I can update just can’t open the app

  • thomas marion

    Kyocera hydro wave no problems updated just fine lollipop 5.1

  • John

    Still a problem android clash of clans after clearing data on Google play.

  • Dakota

    I have an lg power on 5.0.1 lollipop and this won’t work I’ve spent way to much time and litterally have1 more day till my th is lvl9 please help

  • Jordan Heaps

    Droid turbo is not working

  • Cindy Williams DuBulis

    I have an amazon fire HD 10 tablet and I had to pay just to play clash of clans and since the update I have not been able to play. When I click on the game it says there is an update available. I click on update and it sends me to the amazon app store but there isnt an update anywhere that I can find.

    • Meng M.

      You need the Google play store. I have a fire phone, it did the same thing so I just went directly to the play store and updated COC.

      • Cindy Williams DuBulis

        Then why did Amazon let me purchase the CoC premium if I wouldn’t be able to update it and continue to play?

  • Richard Hurley

    Working now – uninstalled updates for play store, app source, and app updates. Also cleared cache and data and forced stopped for all mentioned. Reinstalled clash then restarted phone.

  • Mike Rogers

    Just tried again. Still not working for me sadly.

  • JashDana Cumbie

    It’s working for me now, and I did nothing to my phone, except try again.

  • Mark

    It’s works with my Android

  • JashDana Cumbie

    Note 4, tried clearing google play cache, still says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”

    • wf

      I just uninstalled the google play updates and then force stopped, which worked!

  • Bonita Allen


  • Rachel

    I have a Google Nexus 9 and I tried the clear data/cache thing, and it didn’t work. I can only hope Supercell will fix this soon.

  • Pepo

    Didnt work here either, LG 3

  • fee

    Didnt work. Same thing they told us to do last time and it didnt work. Why on earth would they think it’d work this time? or is it just a way for them to make us shut up till we realize it doesnt work.

  • Cor

    Galaxy S5. Didn’t work as well. Tried clearing the cache as suggested, and that didn’t help either. Currently still not compatible.

  • McTravDad

    My phone is having this issue currently.
    Android version: 5.0.1
    Kernel version: 3.10.49
    Software version: L33L10a

  • John

    My Galaxy S5 Active with 5.1.1 got the update. Working fine.

  • Carl Salvato

    Didn’t help me either. LG Leon with latest updated software

    • Marvin Dorsey

      Same phone. Didn’t work for me either.

      • Danny

        Same LG leon isnt working supercell please fix

      • Danny

        Same LG leon isnt working supercell please fix

  • Mike Rogers

    Same here. Device not compatible. Cleared data/cache still not working. Pls fix. Don’t u test things before releasing mandatory updates???

  • Vinu Kurien

    I dont find the game in play store anymore

  • Austin

    That process outlined by CoC was not helpful. Did not work

  • Hikaru

    Just reformatted my phone. Not just the cache dude. Now i cant even install the game. Kept saying not compatible with my device

  • cpeoples

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s not compatible. I tried clearing the cache, did not work. Please fix!!!

  • Mark

    Didn’t work for me. Also cleared cache/data for Clash of Clan app. No Luck. Samsung Galaxy S5. Same issue for Marvel Future Fight

  • Izadora Fernandes

    Did what super cell said. Still doesn’t work. App doesn’t even apear in Google play store anymore.

  • Tomas Durdik

    Me to but still same nothing changes

  • Jonny Cashmere

    I also tried clearing data cache

  • Jonny Cashmere

    I have a LG Stylo G and no gameplay.

  • gatekeeper

    i tried clearing cache/data still no good. Droid Turbo

  • thomas murphy

    Got same problem – and a war in 12 hours.

    • thomas murphy

      cache clear works

      • Austin

        After clearing cache, did you simply just go into Play Store and we’re able to download or was there an intermediary step?

        • thomas murphy

          Clear reboot find in store download

  • birju

    Plz remove … new virsion update

  • sue

    I’ve got a Samsung s6 and it’s not compatible. Hope for a fix soon

  • David Salas

    guys…. just download the apk file and install on it your phone…

  • Sanjay Dadhich

    my samsung grand neo is also not capable for updates what the hell is going on man :@

  • Lamith Jayashan

    I have a htc one m7 lollipop updated . For me also not compatible problem came why is that …

  • uu

    My samsung galaxy grand prime runnig android 5.0.2 can’t update coc i dont understand
    I also clear data and reboot but nothing change

  • buddha

    when will this problem gets fixed ” your device is not compatible” hoping to be fixed very soon plz fix this problem

  • Matthew hudson

    My update is working finally. Thanks guys

  • Vivekananda Holla

    The fix is not working for me. I have moto 2 gen phone

  • bru war

    giveee upp…..hwawawawa

  • hoosierjody

    Lg2 phone not compatible. Tried update this morning. 1/26

  • Matthew hudson

    the fix is not working for me, i have a lg leon 4g lte i have spent a nice amount of money and time on this game and i really want to get back to clash. will the android users get anything for this inconvenience? im really ready to play.

  • Stefan

    I have a Lenovo Tablet with Android 5.0.1 and it also doesn’t work!!! I cleared my data from Google Play Store and it doesn’t help!!!! I hope they fixed this buck ASAP!!!!

  • Christina

    I have Verizon LG G3. Cache clearing did not work, so I uninstalled the game. After attempting to reinstall, game was not listed in Google Play store

  • Aj Worden

    *Worked for android version 5.1

  • Aj Worden

    Worked for me as well, cleared data from apps> google play store. Then rebooted and searched play store as Jay B said. Thanks!

    • Jay B

      Great! You’re welcome.

  • Naveen

    Yurekha– didn’t work yet

  • Leanne

    Hi i have android LG G3 phone cant seem to show update what now. Has it wiped all my game play off

  • Jay B

    This worked for me: force stop google play then clear data. Open google play then search coc. Click on update. Hope this helps.

  • Chuckie

    Lenovo tablet it doesn’t work

  • Noobilator7

    On Andriod 4.1.2 it works, but not 5.0? k den

  • Bobby Parks

    Okay ppl!!! I got this to work….I went to my apps, Google play, clear data, then rebooted my device. Dine deal 🙂

  • Ray Scheel

    After clearing Data/Cache, reboot, then wait up to 5 minutes for it to work with the normal update process.

  • jmich

    From your phone’s browser such as chrome, search for play store, then click on google play in the search results, once in the online version of play store search for class of clans in the search bar, click on clash of clans but make sure to not open it with the play store app, this should put it back on your device.

    • jmich

      My phone is the lgg4 and it worked this way

  • Breaker143

    LG G4 is not compatible. Been an on going issue that Supercell has ignored since the winter update

  • John

    Galaxy S5 not compatible – why? Still not at this writing. Hope they fix this fast. Frustrating….

  • Alberto Luna

    Hope this helps guys 🙂

  • JT Harrison

    Cleared cache in play store and COC apps and still says not compatible on S5

  • Alberto Luna

    Download vshare market on the App Store and download clash of clans through there that’s the only way I managed to get it as of rite now guys 👍🏼

    • Ejrev

      Didn’t work for me

      • Alberto Luna

        You download VSharemarket? On the play store?

  • Chad

    After clearing cache I went to my apps in google play store and coc shows as needing update. Update from there because the regular page still says incompatible.

  • Josh

    Please fix I have a galaxy s6 running android version 5.1.1

  • Noor Hotak

    Hi supercell team, why my country which is Afghanistan is show no available in your country?

  • Bobby Parks

    I’m using an Android turbo and having the same problem. Device isn’t compatible. I tried clearing cache/data and it didn’t work…also tried uninstalling and now I can reinstall the game :[

  • Jake

    Not working bout to give up on supercell

  • Sheng

    Still not working.

  • Christian Ramirez

    Not working for me

  • Wally Flangers

    I just bought a gun… if supercell doesn’t fix this today im pulling the trigger. I have no other reason to live if clash of clans isn’t working….

    • Neroyh

      Jeez bro relax

  • Taka

    Not working, i also uninstalled coc but the game now is not showing on Google play.

  • NgTurbo

    Not working still.. anyone else?