Black Ops 3 update notes with G-Slide gone

We can confirm that a new BO3 udpate for January 24 has gone live in the evening, with everyone waiting to find out what the Black Ops 3 update notes are since Treyarch hasn’t revealed them yet.

However, it looks like the community has already found out one key change in Black Ops 3 with g-slide removed. For those that don’t know what this is, it was a new mechanic in the game that players were using to move around the map faster.

Treyarch have called it a glitch and said that it would be patched as it ruined modes such as Search and Destroy since players could get to the bomb faster than usual.


Now it looks like g-slide in Black Ops 3 has been patched with as many players are reporting that they can not do it anymore.

One video which we’ve added below also talks about changes to the Vesper. Once the notes are live from David Vonderhaar, we will update this for you.

In the meantime, please list Black Ops 3 changes that you notice yourself in-game now.

Everyone still looking for info on how to do the g-slide in Black Ops 3, but Treyarch could have fixed it already – party over?



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