New Fisker Karma price drop for 2016

Even though people are looking forward to see what the car market has to offer for the future, the likes of the Fisker Karma shows that the future is already here. This model might not be as new as say one of the McLaren models, but this does show you what is possible with the technology currently available, although there are always ways to improve the Karma – but how we hear you say?

Even though this is now an older electric car, there are still ways in which it can be improved on, and the first and easiest is a Fisker Karma price drop for 2016. You can now purchase this EV for half its original cost when first released, and you will still feel as though this car is way ahead in terms of technology as some of the latest models out there.

New Fisker Karma price

Fisher is constantly finding ways to improve things, such as with software updates, although there will come a time when this just isn’t enough.

What’s next – The Fisker Force 1 will be the next model from the bespoke carmaker, which will demand a rumored price of $300,000 and its nearest rival looks to be the $400,000 Ford GT. It is rather hard to compare the two models at the moment, as there is still a long way to go before we see them finally hit production.



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