Clash of Clans is not closing down on February 29

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2016

We noticed that there had been a rumor going around, which circulated on the Clash of Clans forums and claiming that Clash of Clans is closing down on February 29 2016.

We can confirm however that it is completely fake. Clash of Clans is not shutting down on February 29 as it has now been confirmed that rumor was designed as an elaborate hoax.

You can see the image in question below, which made a lot of players confused as you can imagine. The perpetrator even went to the lengths of impersonating forum moderator Anoushka.


It turns out though that some people just have too much time on their hands and Supercell has no intention of ending Clash of Clans any time soon.

It’s worth pointing out that we are in the middle of Sneak Peek teases for the Clash of Clans Treasury, Star Bonus and Loot Cart update so why would the game stop?

Let us know if you saw this forum post and what your initial reaction to it was.

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  • Walter JB

    LOL… It seems that alot of people couldn’t care less if CoC shut down. Many even welcome it. But even if it were true, would Supercell assume we would simply flock to the new game? Hopefully at least some of us learned that Supercell is not a company to trust. Look how they’re dealing with the last disaster. Apparently, Supercell has a term for the MILLIONS who have been disappointed with the December update. They call them “Grumblers”. Thank you Supercell.

  • farhan

    Coc is best if they shut it I m literally gonna die

  • nabeel coc sucks of new update

    lItErrAlly literally clash of clans shutting down i would be so happy becuase its so addictive i broke my best friends heart becuz of we fought for sum dumb reason belonging to coc so please try to shut the freacking sucking game down please but still i play the game and the new update 2016 sucks the new th11 attacking is so tough and farming is dead so long loosers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • yourmortherfucker

      You are an asshole..why would the game shut down because of you?

  • xcoclover

    Wud have been happy if dat damn thing had closed down :((

  • ashcritics

    if they would close down leaving the dark barracks showing coming soon hahahha it would be a shame

  • hiro

    the ef.. close down already . you are ruining the life of others stupid game

  • Fernando

    I would been disappointed all my hard work on the game would been for nothing thanks for keeping it going

  • Jane

    yay i was going to die when i found out it will be gone

  • Joshua

    Im so affraid, because i never see my account,i never see my barvarians,archer,wiz,hogs,and any of my troops.So if coc is gone many people sad.

  • Bawti

    When I saw the post, I was relieved that the game will end because some of my friends are addicted to it and they do not have time with their social life anymore, they just spent most of their time playing the game, even when it is time to eat! I hope, Supercell will end this game. They can create a new game, but, see to it that no relationships will be affected.

    • Harrison Delfino

      very true.

  • Niced John Ybañez