FIFA 16 servers still down, entering match online disabled

We can see that after FIFA 16 server maintenance on January 23, 2016 the game still appears to be not working for many players right now. We have just tried to play a game ourselves but FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is down with a constant message stating that ‘entering a match has been temporarily disabled’.

This is strange, as the maintenance period has now finished, with EA themselves even saying that FIFA 16 is back up and ready to play again.

However we can confirm that things are definitely not 100% as we can no longer play a game online at the time of writing. It will be frustrating for many players, as EA are advertising a 6,000 German Cup tournament yet nobody can play it at the moment.


What is your FIFA 16 status, are you getting the same error as above as some players have said that they can play a game. Is it happening to everyone or just certain regions?

Check back for the latest status updates here.



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