Minecraft 1.23 update notes for PS4, PS3 imminent release

We told you that 4J Studios were busy planning their next update for Minecraft and now we’re pleased to confirm that it is almost ready for download – the Minecraft 1.23 update notes for PS4 and PS3 have now gone live!

This is due to the fact that the update is now finished and in the hands of Sony awaiting certification. Assuming that no problems are found, this update should be available very soon and we’re predicting a release sometime next week.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the massive Minecraft 1.23 patch notes list as it is going to take you a few minutes to digest everything.

We’ve included the entire notes here below this post which have been taken from the official forums so they are genuine.

This could be one of the biggest Minecraft bug fix updates that we have seen on PS4 and PS3 since launch, as there’s tons that 4J Studios have fixed – including a bug fix for Animals getting stuck in corners of fence-type blocks.

Some of you may have wanted to see new features with Minecraft 1.23 on PS4 and PS3, but most will understand the bigger picture in that it’s also important to eliminate as many bugs as possible.

Enjoy the full notes below and get ready for the download appearing on console very soon – let us know when you have it!





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