Suicide Squad PS4, Xbox One game silence from Rocksteady

By Alan Ng - Jan 20, 2016

By now we’re sure you have watched the new Suicide Squad official trailer 1 online and were blown away by what you saw which could potentially offer something very special as an upcoming DC movie.

Many of you have been asking the same question on everyone’s minds, on “Is there going to be a Suicide Squad video game?”. Given the silence so far, you may not be aware that there is a game in development and it looks like Rocksteady could be prime candidates to make it.

DC Comics co-publisher and movie producer Geoff Johns confirmed that a game is in development, but failed to go into specifics. Rocksteady has not been nailed on yet to develop, but given the success that the studio has had with Batman and the Arkham series, it really looks like a no brainer.


Rocksteady will have long finished with the main development on Arkham Knight, so it’s clear that they will be looking at their next project with Warner Bros already.

After seeing this delicious movie trailer released this week, would it be unthinkable for a Suicide Squad game to come out that isn’t being developed by Rocksteady?

We also say that with the ending of Arkham Origins and Origins Blackgate in mind – those who have played those games will know what we are talking about here.

Let us know what you want to see from the Suicide Squad game on PS4 and Xbox One. A release date in 2016 seems unlikely given we have heard nothing yet, but would you like it to be based entirely off the movie, or go in a different direction like the Arkham series?

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  • William Johnson

    Aw c’mon, its stupid to ask us if we want a scuicide squad game, of course we want it! And there’s many many many more games we want!…. Like a batman vs superman game, a flash game, a superman game SERIES , even a justice league game series! Y’all know what we want! All of you game creaters need to wake up and do these things! I don’t know why you have to ask us a question that’s so dumb, knowing that we would say yes! Stop questioning us and JUST DO IT!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


    It’d be so awesome for Rocksteady to get their hands on this title, loved the Arkham games. I’d want it to be a separate thing from the movie tho so you could potentially play as other villains who’ve made appearances in the books. Either way, if this happens DC and RS… take my money.