PS3 update 4.78 notes with Facebook app gone

By Alan Ng - Jan 20, 2016

We have confirmation that the PS3 update 4.78 is now live and most of you may be wondering why your Facebook app has gone from the PS3 after updating.

If you haven’t heard, PS3 update 4.78 officially deletes the Facebook app from the console as it looks like Facebook are now longer willing to support it – given it was the subject of complaints about being sluggish and buggy.

The PS3 update 4.78 notes over in Japan confirm this as you can see here, while we are still waiting on Sony to update the official PS3 update website here for English translation.


As far as we’re aware, removing the Facebook app from the PS3 with 4.78 is the only change with this firmware. If there are any hidden changes with PS3 firmware update 4.78 – we’ll update this with the details.

Are you disappointed that Facebook is no more on PS3, or surprised that it took this long given that it hadn’t been receiving regular support?

Some may point the finger and blame Sony for this, while others may agree that it was always Facebook’s responsibility to keep the app updated – which obviously didn’t happen.

Let us know your thoughts on this if you have just installed – the update should now be live in all regions.

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  • KVWaard

    PS3 Update 4.78 does not work with Netflix Version 2.25, any ideas on what is going on with the Netflix app???? Tried several times to delete and reinstall the app only to have Netflix freeze up the entire PS3 after login. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • NY11725

    no big deal….FB on your phone, tablets, and computer is way more than enough….we don’t need FB on every single device

  • Dharmesh

    Didn’t use it, but this tends to be an ongoing problem. I look at my original iPhone and find out I can’t use the Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. apps anymore because I do not have a high enough IOS level. Original Xbox when Live went down.. Heck my Games for Windows Live don’t even install anymore. its an ongoing problem for legacy devices. But hey, my PS1 is still my PS1, nothing has been lost, everything had a physical copy, and I think as more of these services start to go down, Users will start to backlash more claiming that their devices are less valuable over time.