Most demanded iPhone 7 features are waterproof and dustproof

By Peter Chubb - Jan 20, 2016

WWDC is still several months down the line, which is when we will get to see iOS 10 unveiled, although the new 2016 iPhone will still have to wait a few more months or its debut – although there have been rumors of an early resale out of cycle.

The list of demanded iPhone 7 features is a long one, and while some of you might want a thinner design, wireless charging, new camera technology, and even Li-Fi, most people would prefer a waterproof and dustproof iPhone 7.

We have read in many forums and also saw the comments where certain people feel consumers do not care much for the next iPhone being waterproof or dustproof, but a recent 9To5Mac poll seems to suggest otherwise.

Waterproof iPhone 7

Personally, this added benefit would not appeal to us because there are so many other things we would like to see such as an even better camera, but no matter what way too look at it, there is still a along way to go before Apple is able to compete with the likes of Sony for the camera quality.

Some of you will wonder why Apple is moving away from the headphone socket, and this could also be more likely to make the iPhone 7 waterproof and to attract less dust. With this in mind, the use of Li-Fi is also something that Apple could be looking into, as this is said to be around 100x faster than WiFi, but those are just mere rumors for the moment.

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  • Hanson Eze

    £800 I guess….

    • Admir Karalic

      800$ you get the Dustproof one with 4GB of Storage capacity. If you want the full package and at least 16GB you’ll need to shell out 1200 $, but hey that’s okay, because Apple and Dumb customers.

      • Hanson Eze

        I don’t use APPLE ….myself … finds it so wack ..a single floor drop big problem ..

        well let’s see what they got ..

        • Admir Karalic

          I don’t use them either, except for iPods, because I think they have the leading industry for Multimedia-all-in-one place with the iTunes integration, which I find flawless, compared to competition such as Android devices, where it is more open, but not every customer will be keen to learn how to use their device. 80% of customers I have dealt personally, want the Point-and-shoot type of product, which Apple offers currently. Apart from that, their products are over priced in terms of what they offer, although solid products, but over priced, the first iPhone was a Novelty, now it’s a fashion gadget.