Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One servers down for Jan 19 maintenance

We have advance warning of more Elder Scrolls Online maintenance on Xbox One today, with servers due to go down soon on Tuesday January 19, 2016.

The developers have given players a brief heads-up on the schedule via the game’s official forums. It reveals that Elder Scrolls Online servers on Xbox One will be down for maintenance at 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific Time or 11am in the UK.

As usual there’s no indication on when the Elder Scrolls Online servers will be back up today, but at least you know to plan ahead before starting a session as the servers will be going down in just over two hours.


Stay tuned to this Elder Scrolls Online server status page to see when the game is back up, while you may also want to keep an eye on Twitter too for updates.

It’s worth mentioning that while Tuesday will be when Xbox One maintenance happens on North America and Europe megaservers, Wednesday January 20 will be when PS4 servers go down.

Let us know your experiences with the game so far and your opinions on the amount of maintenance that we seen for TESO since launch.



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