PS4 Slim release date expectations in 2016

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2016

Since we are now into another year of the PS4 lifespan, we thought we would talk about some of the ongoing requests that we continue to see for Sony to release a PS4 Slim console in 2016.

It is no secret that we always see smaller versions of consoles after launch by Sony and it is probably not farfetched to say that Sony are well underway in trying to bring a smaller PS4 console to market soon.

Will the PS4 Slim release date happen in 2016 though, or will we have to wait until 2017? You may not remember, but it was three years between the launch of the PS3 and a slim version.

The original PS3 launched in November 2006, while a slim version was released in September 2009. Going on this pattern, is there a chance that the PS4 Slim will be out in 2016 at the end of the year too?


We can only hope so, but obviously it’s still hard to see right now since there has been no hints from Sony or any compontent or SKU leaks to suggest a smaller model is coming.

Then there’s the argument that the PS4 is already a good size, which could give Sony longer to work on a smaller version since there’s no complaints about how big the PS4 is – compared to how big the PS3 was, which is obviously a big difference between the two.

Would you pay for a PS4 Slim console in 2016, should it come out? Give us your thoughts on this debate since we are now in the third year of the system.

Is it too early for a smaller model, or perfect timing at the end of the year?

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    The PS4 is already slim and had a hush hush hardware update last fall. That runs smoother and 10x more quiet than the release PS4. I think Sony is just going to ride it out until PS5

  • shabbir ahmed

    Guys, guys..
    Is the second image (console along with controller) OK !?

    If is.. I ain’t buy.

  • Kevin OBrien

    My PS4 is do loud and i have used it so much since launch when i got it I cant wait for the slim I hope it will run a lot quieter just my thought but I would get it in a second

  • By the wrath of huthayun, I will buy a ps4 slim if it comes out in 2016

  • Mehmed

    To make a ps4 slim they need a slimmer APU/SoC. We’re at 28nm and 20nm doesn’t work. So 14/16nm. But even AMD and Nvidia won’t really sell GPU’s in those new sizes until 3q2016. So we might get the ps4 slim in Fall or 2017… I think more that it might be 2017 because 14/16nm might become mature and some smartphone SoC’s will be produced in 10nm.

  • HateRomney

    Won’t be buying the ps4 until they release the slim with maybe 2tb?? Until then I’m on this Xbox one hybrid. Sad thing is I’m a PlayStation guy

    • sss

      congrats you played yourself

  • HK is not c.h.i.n.a.

    I won’t buy ps4 until the slim size launch~

  • cd

    im satisfied with the ps4 as is its already slim not as small as a wii u but is still small and looks great on entertainment centers instead of talking about ps4 slims and ps5 sony needs to improve the software like the OS and servers yea ps4 needs a lot of improvement but instead of slims or whatev sony should concentrate with the software and improve upon it had my ps4 since launch day and just upgraded to 2TB already invested a lot in it, maybe if its for ppl who want and dont have one yet but im not getting a slim when i already own one thats where i said “HELL NO” and usually with slims they take out things that the original already has look at the ps3 for example original has full BC slim doesnt or further back i thought the original sega genesis/mega drive looked better than the slim one and the original even had better sound quality than the slim, when they release slims thats usually to cut costs and make it cheaper maybe for new buyers but as for me “HELL NO” unless it tore up or something which knock on wood hasnt and works even better than the day i got it!

  • yo yo

    if it play ultra blu ray movies then ill buy a ps4, at this moment haven’t, nether xbox one ether .

  • Admir Karalic

    The PS4 console is currently 429.99 $ in Canada, with no astonishing features, has everything that the XBOX ONE has, Project Morpheous or Playstation VR should I say will be a good plus for us, but then again it will surely come with a HUGE price tag and never be supported by devs, just like that failure of PS VITA, while on the other hand XBone has BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY, now what my point is, is that the PS4 Slim, might come out, but I don’t see how the Price will change drastically enough to make us consider to buy one, if the current price can’t be dropped as low as the One is at 349.99 $ again in Canada. All the features we have on the PS4 will be no excuse to get a Slim even if you’re a new user, because the console will most likely be still overpriced. Usually Slim means a Slash in price, if the slim can’t be 299.99 $ at release is a HELL NO for me too.

    • cd

      ps4s are the same price as xb1s in the U.S. should be in Canada too if not that doesnt make since idk!?

      • Admir Karalic

        The consoles in Canada are definitely not the same price as in the US. In Canada, when the PS4 hit the market, the console was sold just like in the US at first 399.99 $, 6 months down the Road Sony decided to increase the Price to 449.99 $ Making the console way more expensive, obviously nobody was happy and as an excuse they said it was because of the Money Change difference from American Money to Canadian Money, still makes no sens, anyways we copped with it as it is, now the console is reduced though to 429.99 $ and the XBox One can be seen depending of the bundle from 349.99 $ to 449.99 $ again in Canadian Money. Is Crazy how much different that is for us, that’s why my first argument made sens :P.

  • cd

    HELL NO!!!