Xur Reef fix when door won’t open

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2016

As we’ve just told you, Xur is live in the Reef but there appears to be a big problem stopping some of you from accessing his wares. Specifically, the door where Xur is won’t open and gamers are losing their mind over it.

We’re not sure why this keeps happening, but we have a heads-up that there is a fix that you can try if it is happening to you. If the Xur Reef door is locked, simply go back to Orbit then re-enter the Reef and the problem should fix itself.

This worked for us and hopefully it will work for you too. It’s obviously frustrating when you want to see what Xur is selling but can’t due to this strange glitch stopping you.


Try out the fix now and let us know if it sorted the problem. Bungie hasn’t given a statement on why this keeps happening, so perhaps they think it is not a big issue at the moment.

Was the Xur Reef door locked and won’t open for you today when looking for Xur?

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  • destiny guy

    they moved xur to the hangar once you go down the steps he is on the right by the ledge (u should be able to see ships landing from his location if u don’t know what i mean

    • Dead pool

      Spawn at Tower and go right past Rahool up the stairs in hangar, follow it round and down 1st right as usual 😉

  • Solemnity

    Bungie, please for the love of god would you fix glitches such as this door not opening? It is a very simple bug to fix and yet you have done nothing to assist your players in making this accessable.

  • Heath

    Where was he moved to in the tower?? The right where?

    • Cody Evans

      He isn’t in the tower. I guess there’s no getting to him this time. Thanks bungie

    • darkness mccain

      He’s back at the tower in the hangar

  • M

    They moved xur back to the tower.

  • Andrea Chapman

    In and out of orbit 10 times door still locked to Xür >:(

  • 34

    They have moved Xur back to the tower today! He is on the right side

  • Coleman Terry

    I’ve gone back 8 times and it hasn’t opened. There’s just a bunch of hunters sitting there now, lol

  • JoellAlmighty

    I was able to see him this morning and when I came back, it was closed. I tried to exit and come back and it worked. Sorry guys. I hope you get through.

  • jjstrongbone

    I’ve exited to orbit and came back over 15 times…this is ridiculous.

  • Bunganutboy

    Seriously this sucks

  • Mike N

    It’s happening non stop whenever Bungie decides to put Xur at the reef. And exiting to orbit and coming back does absolutely nothing for me, I fly back in to see different people building up outside a door that no one can enter.