Games with Gold February 2016 excitement on Xbox One, 360

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2016

Xbox owners are in dream world right now with backwards compatibility really giving a whole new lease of life to Games with Gold. Now we take a look ahead to the Xbox Games with Gold February 2016 free games and see which games you want to see added next.

Last month was another good one, with Microsoft offering Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition and Zheros on Xbox One. Over on Xbox 360, Dirt Showdown and Deus Ex Human Revolution was offered meaning that Xbox One owners could grab all four games for free if already owned.

That was a fantastic list you have to say and we can only hope that more good things are coming for for Games with Gold February 2016 lineup.


So far, there hasn’t been any leaks as far as we’re aware and we still have two weeks to until Microsoft makes the announcement – it usually happens on the last Thursday of the month to narrow it down.

What would you personally love to see added next? It’s clear that everyone is loving Backwards Compatibility at the momentis February the month when we will see Black Ops 1 added as part of the Games with Gold lineup on Xbox 360?

Once leaks appear we will update this with the latest information for you. Give us your Games with Gold February 2016 predictions and the games that should replace Killer Instinct and Zheroes.

Is it finally time for Ryse too?

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    i hope for the xbox 360
    Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4
    and NHL 14

    and for Xbox One
    Payday 2 Crimewave Edition
    and Minecraft Xbox One Edition

  • Mathieu

    I hope for the 360
    À game for kid like lego
    And à game with investigations like Sherlock holmes or murdef soul suspect …

    And for Xbox one
    Ryse son of Rome
    Styx : master of shadow
    Also hand of date ( the card game ) could be à Nice choice too

  • Jariese Cullum

    Xbox One: Sniper Elite 3 and Gta V

    Xbox 360: Call of Duty:Black ops and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3

  • Bryan

    I saw an ad for Ryse, legendary edition free today when the kids were playing black ops 3 then it just disappeared when I went to get new game with gold.

  • Him

    I’m hoping for BO1 and borderlands 1 for 360

  • My xbox name is taytay56789

    Xbox 360 gta5 and fallout3 / xbox one halo master chief collection and nba 2k 15


    Xbox 360:
    Halo Wars
    Hydro Thunder
    Xbox One:
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
    Styx: Master of Shadows

  • renaissance247

    Rocket League, when it premiers on Xbox One. It was free with PlayStation Plus when it debuted on PS4 so that would be nice for Xbox One. Also, Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition, Halo Wars. All of this would be nice. But anything they give us is still good enough for me, because I can’t be picky with something I don’t have to pay for.

    • Admir Karalic

      You could if you had a PS4, what I mean by that is the fact that XBone has the Backward Compatibility sorted out, I don’t see how this console won’t sell well now. I’m very happy about it and owning one I wouldn’t b**ch about Games With Gold, on the other Hand for PS users, it’s been awful, everything that is coming out has to be paid somehow and every now and then the servers are down for no reason. I have to admit XBOX LIVE is still a stronger service on that end. Being forced to pay 50 $ a year to be able to enjoy games at their full potential with servers that are more often then not DOWN is dreadful and Sony has no excuse for that, our precious money is going down the drain, so what do we turn to when everything is going to s**t well you guessed it, PS+ Monthly freebies, which are awful, they still don’t provide reasoning for my 50 $… anyways, hope you love your service and enjoy your free games MATE 🙂

  • Justworking247365

    I would love to see Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive or Batman Arkham Knight this year for games with gold!

    • Givenchy Rapper

      i hope you are joking. No way arkham knight is free or SUnset for that matter.

      • Chris

        Sunset Overdrive could be a candidate. It’s been out for a few months now, and they have released all the DLC for it, and it’s value is starting to decline due to the drop in sales. Though I already own the game, I think everyone who was skeptical of it will greatly enjoy it, especially if it was free. Besides that, I am SERIOUSLY hoping that they finally put Dead Rising 3 or Ryse out there. I have been wanting to get the games again, and again, but the rumor mill of them being put in for GwG keeps me from dropping the cash for them.

  • Lisa O Brien

    Would like to see Rocket League go in free like it did on PlayStation. Can’t really see that happening tho. The game is way too popular now

    • Chris

      Why not? There have been a few games that debuted in the GwG program for free, like Volgarr, Knight Squad, Forza Fast and Furious. It’s only gonna be for a couple weeks, and Microsoft is having new users buying their console on a daily basis, so why not give it out for free for a bit? If people don’t want to get it, then so be it.

      • CRZYSPZ

        I think they’ve already mentioned a $20 price point for the game, so that makes me hihgly doubt it’ll be GWG at debut, or even at all.