Dragon Age Inquisition in PS4 deal of the week

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play Dragon Age Inquisition yet, we have one amazing deal to tell you about now as the game is currently available with a whopping 60% discount.

That means you can buy the game now digitally on the PS Store for just $14 as long as you have a PS Plus subscription. Without PS Plus it’s still 50% off which is good either way and remember that Dragon Age Inquisition won Game of the Year award too.

For $14 you get content that will easily offer over 100 hours of gameplay, with a deep customization system and the ability to fight dragons gaining you rare loot in the process if successful.


There’s great voice acting in the game while you’ll probably have good fun with the romance element too, which will require careful thought depending on who you want to gain favor with.

You can’t really go wrong with $14, so if you are looking for a new RPG to play and haven’t experienced DAI yet it is really a no brainer.

Are you going to jump on this offer right now? If you have played the game extensively, let us know if you would recommend it to others.



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