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Braille Kindle for the blind, price a concern

We know that the Amazon Kindle is the most popular e-reader on the market, yet this is no good if you are blind, and so have to rely on normal books or audio books. However, many people with no vision still like to read and not hear things read out to them.

There is ongoing research for a Braille Kindle for the blind, although even before we look into this further there is a huge concern, and that is its price. If we are to go off a recent report, then the Braille Kindle could cost up to a $1,000.

Ok, so we know that there have been similar systems developed, but they are limited by only one line of text. Such systems like this possible Braille Kindle was always going to be an issue because of the need to use certain technology.

Braille Kindle price concern

However, researches feel they have managed to get around this issue by the use of a “microfluid” display, which is basically tiny bubbles that fill with air or liquid, which will then pop up in the form of Braille characters.

By using such a system this is why the price can be reduced to around $1,000 compared to current systems costing $4,000 and comes with limitations.

We do not yet know if and when the new Kindle for the blind would be released, but all we know is that it would change how blind people have been reading books for around 200 years.



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