PS Plus Extension code email update this week

We have an update to bring you now, on Sony’s promised PS Plus Extension code as compensation for over 12 hours of PSN downtime without warning at the start of the year.

Now we can see that Sony are now starting to come good on their word and we hear that emails are now being sent out gradually with PS Plus Extension codes.

Sony has confirmed this with a Tweet below, but we have not received our code yet and it appears that many are still waiting for their PS Plus compensation code too.


We are hearing that the PS Plus Extension code may be for an extra five days, but we are waiting to confirm this for you. Sony previously offered five days extension for an outage in 2014, so it isn’t out of the ordinary for Sony to act like this.

As we all wait for codes to roll out to everyone, let us know if you have received yours in your region so we can narrow down if Sony are targeting specific regions first.

Would you be very happy with five free days of PSN due to the outage? – Especially good for those that were not affected at the time.



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