Hitman PS4 release date status after pre-order cancelled

We wanted to give you a quick heads up on the Himan PS4 release date status, after some of you may have been worried this week by wondering why your Hitman PS4 pre-order was cancelled on the PlayStation Store.

It turns out that Square-Enix has not yet finalized some ‘configurations’ for the digital version and as a result have cancelled it.

Sony has assured customers not to worry though as there will be a revised version of the game up and once you receive your refund you will be able to get the correct version – you may not even need a refund if Sony can maintain your purchase.


More importantly, Square-Enix has said that the release date is still March 11 so we just wanted to make that clear. We remember a similar thing happening for the digital deluxe version of Black Ops 3 being cancelled suddenly, only to be revised soon after – so this is not uncommon.

Make sure you pay attention to the notifications section on your PS4, in case you get the same message about your pre-order being cancelled.

Let us know if you still plan to get the game and if you think that this could be the Hitman game that changes the fortunes of the series – remember the recent movie?



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