Xbox One backwards compatibility January 2016 update

By Alan Ng - Jan 13, 2016

We are getting to the stage where many Xbox One owners are curious as to when the next Xbox One backwards compatibility update is for January 2016.

Microsoft said that they will be adding new titles to the service frequently, and with the last update happening on December 17 adding support for titles such as Halo Reach and Deus Human Revolution – another update for the end of January is expected.

With this in mind, we wanted to discuss the next update here with fans as we’re sure most of you have your favorite games which you want to see added next.


It seems as if Black Ops 1 for Xbox One backwards compatibility is top of the list, so hopefully that will be coming in the next update since it has already been confirmed as on the way from Activision.

You can see in the image above that other games such as Bioshock 1, 2 and 3 are confirmed as well along with Skate 3 – another great game. Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed whether all of these titles will be in the next batch update, but news should definitely be coming soon.

In the meantime, you should read through the backwards compatibility FAQ from Major Nelson to make sure you are up to speed with how the rollout will take place.

Are you expecting new backwards compatibility games for Xbox One soon? What is top of your list aside from Black Ops 1?

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  • Anthony Sambucci

    Just tell us what games they are what is this the CIA third article in one week ms saying news coming soon

  • Connor Crandall


  • Connor Crandall


  • jimbo 30

    Medal of honor from 2010 and aliens vs predator as well there are loads of games that need to make the playable list would be nice if Microsoft could sort out all the deals first and then put the full list on xbox one

  • Peter

    The only games that I want to be backwards compatible are Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion and Skyrim plus all the DLC for these games.

  • Zach Blinman

    None of these other suggested titles matter at all. The only game that should have priority is 100% skate 3

  • Jesse

    Only want the Mass Effect trilogy, Catherine, Alan Wake, and Fable Anniversary.

  • Fever and Chill

    They use to show the image with the BC info so I hope Shadowrun & Alan Wake still come sooner than later…

  • Fever and Chill


  • Fever and Chill


  • Its Sevii

    MW2 PLZ

  • Deadpool Sensei


    • Admir Karalic

      On PC where it belongs, Skyrim on Console has very bad controls.

      • Deadpool Sensei

        Must be an opinion thing cause own both the 360 version and the pc version and the only reason I play on pc is for the mods. Heck even when i play on pc, I still use a Xbox controller

        • Admir Karalic

          I just learned to appreciate the controls with a Keyboard and Mouse on PC, I feel like it’s way more accurate Shooting BOW with a mouse than a ThumbStick, but that’s personal preferences, the game is way better on PC and exactly just because of Mods.

      • Jesse

        Must have been a Ps3 player… The 360 version was great. But the Ps3 port was garbage … Broken from day one

        • Admir Karalic

          Played on Both up until I got stuck at the MAIN QUEST, because the game decided to Glitch-out and wasn’t ever able to complete the main story line. Back in the day I was making decent money to build a very good gaming PC and so I did, never going back to consoles, at least not for Elder Scrolls.

  • Stephen Partridge

    why not all the lego games, fable games would be good, defo mass effect 2 and 3, the arkham games and force unleashed games would be nice and while they are at it remaster the star wars KOTOR games for xbox 1

    • Salame

      What? you have lego games already, I am playing lego star wars. Fable? They are BC already, you have fable 2 and 3, only missing is the first one. Did you check before posting?

      • Jesse

        With kids the Lego games are a must. The Lego Batman titles, Harry lotter, Lord of the rings… Those Lego games would be nice to have on x1

  • aumaan

    o god skate 3 plz I hate Tony hawk games

    • Deadpool Sensei

      While TH Underground 2 set the bar for skating games, Skate 3 smashed it

      • Zach Blinman

        100% skate 1 even was better then any of the tony Hawks games. The control scheme with the analogue sticks is unbeatable

  • Chris

    How about any Batman Arkham games

  • Ricky Hale

    Some fighting games, please? Injustice, MK9, Marvel, Street Fighter, Persona etc.

  • Gus Edmond

    I’m a sports fan. I know most sports games are not being added, mainly due to new games released every year, but any chance we can see a few? Some games tanked like head coach but still had/have believe it or not because of the strategy. Even an old 2k baseball game would be great, (except last 2 years of it) because the mlb game being pushed now is horrible and I wouldn’t play it if it was free. Maybe a wrestling game. Does anyone have any information?

    • Jesse Yuloven Hernandez

      id love to see ncaa football and mvp baseball

    • Eric

      The problem is they have to get another licence to have the game as backwards compatable, sorta why you see a lot of first party and ones they have strong connections with. As unlikely as it is it would be all or nothing if they wanna bring it back.

    • 김치 닌자

      most sport games are exactly the same each year

  • James Dalton

    Mass effect 2 and 3 or gtfo. I would also accept Catherine 🙂

  • Age of wait

    Wow I see none of the top ten games that they told us to vote for last year. With all the time they take I was wondering if a skyrim remastered was coming out

  • Sean

    I hope its not another month of shitty arcade games mostly , throw Alan wake and skate 3 in there and I’ll shut up lol

  • Hyper JD

    The Hitman games.

    • James Dalton

      Good choices. I definetly agree.

      • Steven Raymond-Dominic Ernewei

        hell ya them and all the ea skate games

    • Gus Edmond

      I always enjoyed them

  • David

    Skate 3 was suppose to be BC last month and MS has said nothing. I really want to play that again. Would also like Mass Effect 2 and 3 and before people say they aren’t yet because they are working to get multi disc games working, how did they get Fallout 3 GOTY edition to work flawlessly when that’s multi disc? Would also love to play Dragon Age Origins and Skyrim again. When new bigger games start coming out I won’t care as much but right now I do.

    • Daniel

      With Fallout 3 GOTY you aren’t changing discs. You download stuff from one disc and then run it off the other one. The problem is any game that involves disc swapping. They probably have no means for the console to eject the game and acknowledge that it’s still running so you can swap properly.

      • Nathan Young

        the dlc doesnt work unless you have a digital copy of the game and you put the dlc disc in the console when playing

  • It should be about the games

    I just want L4D2.

    • Ippoletta

      According to some source L4D2 has been getting more love (meaning being tested more) i hope to see it come soon. ugh…. i have been having withdrawal symptoms.

  • Guest

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    • Guest

      And Castlevania Symphony of the Night from XBLA

      • James Dalton

        This. My mom and I love that game and she wants to play it again

    • Admir Karalic

      I could just give you my CD KEY on PC xD, I bought it for 99cents at gamestop 2 years ago.

  • Austin Campbell

    There are alot of Games that I want to see but the only ones that im super pumped and kind of impatient for are
    Mass effect 2
    Mass effect 3
    Black ops 2

  • Bill

    Black ops 2

  • Davor

    HALO WARS please

  • Roccity’s Own

    Fight night champion/red dead redemption/mw3

  • Joe Bo

    -Bad Company 2 w/ Vietnam dlc!
    -Battlefield 3 Premium

    Those are the only ones left that I care about

  • Ben

    Street fighter, then I’ll be happy!

  • 4EverGamer X

    Rumble Roses XX

  • Ryan Vickers

    I really hope 10 of any of the following will come to Xbox One BC:

    Halo Wars
    Halo 3
    Halo 4
    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
    Fable Anniversary
    Fable Heroes
    Comic Jumper
    South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play
    South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge
    Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
    State of Decay
    Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 1 & 2
    Sam & Max Save The World
    Radiant Silvergun
    Snoopy Flying Ace
    Dig Dug
    Galaga Legions
    Galaga Legions DX
    Bubble Bobble Neo
    Bust-A-Move Live
    Space Invaders Extreme
    Space Invaders Infinity Gene
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Duke Nukem Manhattan Project
    Full House Poker
    Haunted House
    Yars Revenge
    P.B. Winterbottom
    Dead Rising 1
    Dead Rising 2 Case Zero
    Dead Rising 2 Case West
    Hexic 2
    Zoo Tycoon

    Frogger 2
    Geometry Wars Retro Evolved
    Geometry Wars 2


      I think Retro Evolved was available during preview, at least I’m pretty sure that’s the one I have on my Xbox.:P

    • Austin Campbell

      Halo CE, 2,3, and 4 are all in the masterchief collection

    • forwarduntodawn

      You’re retarded. Halo wars is on that list, there’s a Minecraft Xbox one edition so no need for 360 edition to be compatible, halo 3,4 and combat evolved have been on Xbox one with the halo master chief collection. 😂

      • CRZYSPZ

        Your point?
        They’ve clearly stated that the Halo franchise is 100% dedicated to BC, so more than likely that means more Halo games (other than Wars and Reach) will be coming over too. One of the most shown titles for future BC games is ODST.

    • Fever and Chill

      I concur with Fez, Full House Poker, Dead rising (anything)


    If I had to list the games I wanted to come over to Xbox One, I’d be here all day. lol

    • Jesse Yuloven Hernandez

      where did you see the titles listed as confirmed? i checked the xbox voting site and they dont appear to be confirmed there

      • CRZYSPZ

        Fable Anniversary (as well as the Fable Series) was confirmed at Gamescom
        Crackdown Series was also confirmed at Gamescom
        Injustice: Gods Among Us (and MK9) was confirmed/highly hinted at by one of the heads of NeverRealm on Twitter
        The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings was confirmed by CDProjectRed on Twitter

        • Fever and Chill

          Nice hadn’t heard that, I picked up Anniversary on the last sale for like $8 hoping it would make the list.

        • CRZYSPZ

          Yep! Microsoft announced that Gears of War, Halo, Crackdown, and Fable would all be 100% dedicated to BC at Gamescom. They also listed Mass Effect (I’m assuming the original) and Banjo-Kazooie as well I think.

        • Jesse Yuloven Hernandez

          only thing we got was witcher so disappointed. hopefully the titles you named come soon down the road