Moto 360 Sport availability increased, not price

The availability of the Moto 360 Sport has now been increased, as you can buy this watch from the Google Store. Looking at the price it is the same as Motorola’s website, meaning it does not matter which place you choose to purchase the device from.

We know that this is not massive news, but then again we know there are many of you that have a Google account will now find it much easier to buy this watch, and with some luck increase sales because of more choice of where to buy.

It’s not clear how good sales are, but when you think this watch costs $300 and its OS is still not refined enough, you have to wonder why people would choose this over the Microsoft Fitness Band?

Moto 360 Sport availability increased, not price

A recent review does point to the fact that this might not be your best option, and so has scored it 3 out of 5 stars.

One of the reason why this watch scored low was due to its back strap, which picked up dust quickly, along with grime. Ok, so we know in terms of its design, it does look good, even more so than its rival, but it does not make up for its failures.

You would also assume that with its rugged look it would be more water-resistant, but this is not the case, and just the same as rival smartwatches.



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