YouTube down on Jan 11 with 500 server error

By Alan Ng - Jan 12, 2016

It looks like there has been a sudden YouTube outage, as we can see that at the time of writing, YouTube is down on January 11 2016 for some users – but not all.

YouTube is still up and running for us, but panic has already been documented on Twitter from users who say that YouTube is not working in the US with the usual YouTube “500 internal server error” being displayed on screen.


Confirmation can be seen above with YouTube not working on January 11, or January 12 depending on location. We can definitely confirm that this is not a worldwide outage at this point, as YouTube is working perfectly fine for us.

Many are clearly affected though, so let us know if YouTube is down in your region right now. We’ll update this with the latest status on the issue once we gather more details.

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