GTA 5 Online servers down on PS4 with limited status

By Alan Ng - Jan 11, 2016

We can see that there are some surprise issues with GTA 5 Online servers down on PS4 on January 10 or 11 which is only affecting PS4 and not other platforms.

We’re not sure what the exact issue is, but we can confirm that Rockstar are indeed aware of the problems and are currently investigating.

The developer has just updated their GTA 5 server status website on the support section and you can see that at the time of writing, only GTA 5 on PS4 shows a ‘limited’ status – all other platforms are fine including PS3.


This means that it isn’t related to any issues with PSN and it’s something that Rockstar needs to fix on PS4 only.

Keep checking the status page here and let us know if you are having problems signing into GTA Online on PS4 on Sunday night or Monday morning depending on location.

How long have you been offline for?

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  • Crazador

    With shitty game comes shitty responsible,and don’t forget the shitty server,the shitty developers and the shitty system..

  • Luke

    PSN is still up every other game is working fine, GTA Online has been done for atlest 8 hours.

  • marhorn

    Quick to defend psn aren’t you…..people reporting it’s going down again. Lol