Fallout 4 Creation Kit release countdown on PC, Xbox One, PS4

We have just told you about one underground Stormtrooper mod that is doing the rounds for Fallout 4 on PC, but most of you will be more interested to know what the status is regarding the highly anticipated Fallout 4 Creation Kit release time for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

For those that bought the game at Christmas and need a reminder on what is happening with the Creation Kit, Bethesda has said so far officially that the tools will be out starting from ‘early 2016’.

We also know that the Fallout 4 Creation Kit release date for PC will happen first obviously, but then the Xbox One will be next due to a deal signed between Microsoft and Bethesda.

That means that PS4 users will have to sit back and wait which is frustrating, although they’ll be able to get a nice preview of the types of mods that will be available from PC to Xbox One and perhaps more importantly – the format in which Bethesda will offer up PC mods through console marketplaces.


It is going to be a new addition to Fallout 4 of course, since the Creation Kit for Skyrim was not available on console so there’s a lot of expectation riding on how Bethesda will implement it on PC where mods are available seamlessly.

It all rides on how far Bethesda are willing to stretch their ‘early 2016’ release timeline. It could be as early as end of January, or it could be pushed out till March.

Hopefully we will get an official update on how things are going as we know that many of you are now ready to start creating your own content for the game.

Do you agree that now is the time for when Creation Kit should come out? Also PS4 users, with Xbox having the timed-exclusive, what are your honest predictions on when you’ll get the Creation Kit?



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