Destiny 2 PS4, Xbox One release date only Vs last-gen

By Alan Ng - Jan 8, 2016

It seems that all the attention now is starting to shift on Bungie’s next big announcement to be the reveal of a Destiny 2 release date.

The hype for the current game seems to be slowing down gradually and coming to 18 months of non stop action for owners – there will be a point when the focus shifts to what is going to happen next.

Activision love to churn out games as soon as possible and Destiny 2 is probably due for an announcement very soon.


One talking point that we did want to share with you, is the fact on whether Activision and Bungie will make the decision that Destiny 2 will be developed solely for next-gen platforms only.

Right now we can see that there is already frequent chat on social media, begging Activision not to make Destiny 2 a PS3 and Xbox 360 game – insisting that the last-gen ship has firmly sailed and that it’s time to move on.

We are already seeing developers make some bold decisions to severely cut down on last-gen development, Black Ops 3 is the most recent example with no co-op campaign and no multiplayer DLC maps at all.

Where do you stand on this debate? We all know that a Destiny 2 announcement is coming sooner rather than later, but would you like it to be PS4 and Xbox One only?

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  • David Flowers

    Destiny is a fun game but it is severely lacking. The fact is, the Xbox 360/PS3 is holding the game down. Next Gen Consoles have the potential to take Destiny to great new limits. However, this cannot be achieved while the developers are having to “play in the safe zone” making sure a working 360/PS3 copy can be produced. Strictly working with a more powerful console, we could possibly see larger patrol areas, larger lobbies, and more unique raids. I can understand the upset a 360 or PS3 player might have, but moving forward with Next Generation is most definitely the best choice for Destiny 2.

  • Brody Mitchell Cordon

    They need to put it on all because then they’ll be making people miserable, still playing Destiny on XBOX 360 for those who are unfortunate to not get an XBOX ONE like me. I was really looking forward to it but now I’m p****d off because people don’t want it on XBOX 360.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Nobody cares about the PS3 anymore, but xbox 360 is still a viable platform.

    • Brody Mitchell Cordon

      I care. I can’t get an XBOX ONE so I’m stuck with an XBOX 360 and I’m most likely going to get an XBOX ONE in about 2+ years so that’s why I’d want it on XBOX 360

      • Pooper

        No one cares. Why don’t you work harder in school and get a job?

        • koolaid

          shut up kid

        • Pooper

          Just because you also failed college and can’t afford a next gen system doesn’t mean you get to whine and have the game held back for everyone on nextgen. Douchebag

        • koolaid

          im 15 with a PS4 jackass

        • Pooper

          No one cares fuckface. Fact is, old gen will severely limit what Destony 2 can be. Now shut up assclown.

        • koolaid

          dont be a hater