Clash of Clans update for Resource boost extension

By Alan Ng - Jan 7, 2016

We have news of a brief update for Clash of Clans on January 7, 2016 to tell you about now, with Supercell bringing the servers down for a brief Clash of Clans maintenance break on Jan 7.

Sadly, it is not time for a major feature update yet after the arrival of TH11, but we can tell you that Supercell has offered up an extension to the Resource Boost in the game.

As a result, you’ll still be able to boost your Gold Mines, Elixir Pumps and Dark Elixir Drills in the game for one gem each a little longer.


At the same time, this maintenance break for CoC will remove the Attack boost from the game so bear that in mind.

Supercell has also reminded players that the next Clash of Clans update could make further tweaks to the Resource system in the game as they are looking for further ways to improve the game’s economy overall.

Let us know if you are happy about the Resource boost extension and what changes you would like to see to the system generally moving forward.

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  • Jeruel Canales

    Congratulations to Supercell for turning the economy of CoC into that of North Korea in just a month. Resources are running dry. Why?

    The economy of the game has been stressed into astronomical proportion. Gamers can’t hold on to their resources due to the new shield system. When they get looted, they build armies to loot back those lost resources. Building armies to loot burns resources. This is the reason why there’s nothing to be had now. All the elixirs and the DE in the kingdom are constantly being burned to look for those elixirs and DE lost.

    As resources change hands while it is being looted, a big chunk of it is lost due to the fact that before it is sizable enough to be used to upgrade anything, it is looted. Once its amount falls within the value it can be used to upgrade, it instead used to train troops to loot more of it. Like a snake eating itself from the tail, the economy of the game has shrunk from that of a balance economy pre-update to that of North Korea now, all armies and looting but no upgrading. Just the futile attempt to have more using the resources in hand, depleting it, to loot more of it.

    Boosting collectors for a gem will not solve this. Because the economy of the game has now shifted to burning resources to loot for it. So say while the amount of resources have doubled, the amount resources to build of armies to loot for those resources have also increased. Elixirs and DE’s disappeared as it it used to train troops for looting and gold disappeared via Nexting.

    Solution? To mitigate the elixirs and DE’s disappearing, award the cost of the troops killed by the defensive infrastructure of the defensive player. This will encourage players to build good defenses. Forcing them to put their Town Halls by making it a storage building is not enough. That TH outside was their ingenuous way of defending themselves against losing resources. Now that you have taken that option away, you should have the sense to replace what that security affords.

    Solution? Award the cummulative cost of Nexting to the player being attacked. What’s the purpose really of cost for Nexting? Some kind of tax? What will Supercell do with that tax? It’s fair that the player chosen to be attacked will be awarded the Nexting cost.

    Incorporating these two changes in the game will make its economy robust once more. The two will address the disappearance of resources. When players have enough resources to upgrade, they tend to not Farm during the time their builders are busy. This means fewer resources are converted to build armies (elixir and DE) and used for Nexting (gold). See? No elaborate tweaks. Just plug the holes where the resources are being wasted on. More power to the developer.