Awakening DLC PS4 theme missing on UK PSN store

We can see that there has been a free Awakening DLC PS4 theme available to download for Season Pass owners of Black Ops 3, or available to those that pre-order Awakening DLC 1 as a separate purchase for $15.

However, not for the first time it looks like the Awakening DLC is only out in the US and as a result we see plenty of frustration online, on how to get the Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC theme in the UK.

It looks like users will simply have to wait until the theme gets added to the UK store, but the worry is that it may exclusive to the US as it’s a known fact that the US PSN store receives a lot more themes compared to the UK store.


Given that this is a pre-order bonus though, we are confident that it is just a timing issue with Sony not updating the UK store before the US.

Right now, if you try to switch to a US account you may also see that the Awakening DLC theme for PS4 shows as ‘unavailable’, so Sony may be working on getting the theme available to all Season Pass owners as we speak.

Some already have it now though and you can see a preview of what the theme looks like, by checking out the video below – complete with custom sounds and a music track!

Are you frustrated and annoyed that the Awakening DLC theme is missing from the UK PSN store?



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