PSN down suddenly, gamers angry on January 4 2016

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2016

We can see that out of the blue, PSN is down suddenly on Janaury 4 2016. This is the first notable instance that the PSN servers are down in 2016 and it probably won’t be the last this month.

As far as we’re aware, Sony gave no indication to gamers that PSN maintenance on January 4 2016 had been scheduled in advance.


As you can see on Twitter though, PSN is down right now in Europe and the US and gamers are not very happy about it at all with Black Ops 3 and Destiny servers down today at the same time.

It’s also worth noting that at the time of writing, the PSN status checker shows that everything is fine – indicating that this is not updated by Sony in real time.

We’ll provide updates here so let us know if PSN is down in your area and keep checking back here for other feedback from users.

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  • Aliyaaliyaeatsp

    Everything good up here in Canada, it’s all working

  • Kenshin Nekojin

    I blame Obama and his subjugation plan for America

  • Kenshin Nekojin

    Netflix is sorta working so that’s some good news

  • Elizabeth bray

    Also he isn’t able to stream anything such as Netflix, HBO now,etc. Is that the same as everyone else? I am tech clueless I must say 🙁

    • Kenshin Nekojin

      Psn has been hacked on a global scale there’s nothing that can be done right now.

  • Elizabeth bray

    My son just got the ps4 for Christmas 2015 and today on 1-4-16 it is saying that we need to download software but when we try it states that there is no download as we have the newest version. It gives error code 35239-2. We are located in Georgia, USA

  • Harrison Holroyd

    The PSN has been hacked by someone running the Linux Program directly onto an unmodified Playstation 4. The likelihood is that it will take 48-56 hours to patch, closely followed by a system software update

    • Kenshin Nekojin

      Well that sucks…. So three days then

  • Angel borja

    I just tried logging in because a friend was trying to send me a friend request and it’s still down 🙁 any idea of when it’s gonna be up again?

    • Angel borja

      Also I just realized I can’t play any games too bad I can’t play fifa 🙁

  • Tom Mobbs

    Anyone know when it’s gonna be up

  • MHead

    It’s Down everywhere 🙁

  • marhorn

    Sony are horrible for communication..if this was Xbox, you would be sooo negative!

    • VvdD

      Lol If this was Xbox, they would be money sucking corporate vampires. But Sony is your Neighbourhood buddy, they’re just trying to fix your problems!

      Meh, was actually hoping for a cyborg planet assault in Helldivers so I can rack up some XP, guess I’m missing out on this one,

      • marhorn

        “This is the first notable instance that the PSN servers are down in 2016” if this was on Xbox it would read, Xbox live is down and it’s only the fourth day into a new year……!

  • The_Rogue13

    Ok now status is updated as down they are working on the issue

    • Kalyn Gibson

      Still all green when I click the link but not working for me haven’t been able to play minecraft all week

  • NgTurbo

    Completely down in Asia, looks like the same for UK, US and Africa as well. Global outage.. not good.