Kranevitter FIFA 16 transfer update to Atletico Madrid

Attention all FIFA 16 players now, as we have confirmation of one completed transfer to tell you about, in relation to the highly anticipated FIFA 16 January transfer updates.

Matias Kranevitter to Atletico Madrid is now official, meaning that EA will soon be transferring the player over to the new club from River Plate.

It’s great news that the player is already in the FIFA 16 database and if you don’t know Matias Kranevitter’s FIFA 16 rating is a 74 with his position being CDM.


Many fans believe that this is severely underrated, so there may even be argument for EA to upgrade the player with a higher rating once they release the FIFA 16 Winter upgrades for players.

Right now though, we’ve checked that you can pick up the player for under 1,000 coins so if you are a fan of Atletico Madrid and have members of their squad you may want to make this purchase as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts on the 74 rating? Does it need to be increased to 80 at least? Expect EA to move Kranevitter to Madrid on FIFA 16 soon.



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