Elder Scrolls Online servers down on January 4, 2016

Another week, another story about Elder Scrolls Online servers down to tell you about. This time, it is the first outage of 2016 for the popular game and at the time of writing, both PS4 and Xbox One TESO megaservers are down for EU and NA.

The developers have let everyone know about the ongoing down outage, but unsurprisingly have yet again failed to let everyone know when the Elder Scrolls Online servers will be back up on January 4 2016.

You can see confirmation of the Elder Scrolls Online maintenance today with the statement below via the official support website.


There is a further heads-up on the game’s Twitter page, with disgruntled gamers asking the developers when the game will be playable again.

It’s the first downtime for the game in the new year, but it certainly won’t be the last – our predictions are that it will probably happen again next week.

Are you playing this game daily? If so, give us your thoughts on the constant maintenance periods.



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