Clash of Clans January 2016 update for new features

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2016

Now that the dust has settled on the big Town Hall 11 update, many players are eager to know when the next Clash of Clans January 2016 update is out to start a brand new year.

Supercell are no doubt working on the next CoC update as we speak and we have a feeling that we are going to be a getting an announcement soon on what is next for the game after TH11 and the new Grand Warden content.

Town Hall 12 for Clash of Clans is obviously a very long way from coming out, so what can we expect to see for the first Clash of Clans update in 2016?


Straight away we can see many requests for Supercell to bring back the old raid system in the game, with actually a lot of users who don’t like some of the changes introduced with TH11.

Until we get the first Clash of Clans Sneak Peek for January 2016, players continue to guess on what may be coming.

A Clash of Clans maintenance break for January 4, 2016 has just started but it isn’t for the new update – rather some minor bug fixes just so you’re aware.

What do you want to see from the next Clash of Clans update for January 2016 and are you one of the players who is upset from the last update?

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  • Support

    They ruined this game the only way to fix it is go back the way it was, but they won’t so after 3 years deleted it. Then they try a sales pitch on new game man they are pathetic.

  • likly

    hay guys after aubated my clash by google play store so now i can not see my freind s and enemies war base i just see cloudy page and no loading so i can not do my both war attack what can i do i also reinstall my clash and install many times but no fix

  • Drakkake

    I don’t care about the personal breaks but I can’t believe those jerks secretly reduced the war loot. Even if we win the war we can’t break even, especially with dark elixir. My recommendation is to (1) increase war loot, (2) increase clan castle loot capacity so we can store enough to pay for big upgrades and (3) make clan castle loot untouchable in multiplayer battles. That way the war community can actually save resources and upgrade things as a reward for being in wars. No brainer. Also, make those heroes usable for war while upgrading! It takes about 40 weeks to max each hero – that’s over 1 year total sitting out of wars while we wait for upgrades! Ridiculous.