Diesel prices drop to 96.9p for lucky motorists

The price of Diesel is known to vary across the UK with some paying a lot more than others, although it might be hard for some motorists to swallow after hearing that Diesel has dropped to 96.9p per litre in some areas.

Popular deals website Hot Deals UK reported the price drop at this page. This is big news for those visiting Gulf Didcot/Abingdon Sutton Courtenay Tyres, as you’ll pay around 97p at the particular Gulf station.

Didcot is found in the South East region of England, within Oxfordshire, so this might be a long trip for most of our UK readers but we do hope other areas see Diesel prices drop to this level.


It’s about time this happened considering Diesel prices to bulk buyers has been much lower than petrol for around a month.

If your car runs on Diesel, what price do you normally pay when filling up? Hopefully most of the UK should see Diesel prices this low by around March after most refineries have an annual refurb.



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