Invective Destiny review for ammo recharge

If you thought that getting the Invective exotic shotgun in Destiny was only possible by completing the A Dubious Task weapon bounty, think again.

Xur is selling this elusive weapon right now for 23 Strange Coins and we recommend everyone to buy it if you don’t already own it.

This is due to the amazing main Invective Destiny perk which allows the weapon to regenerate ammo over time. This makes this shotgun highly desirable, especially for strikes and raids as getting more ammo without doing anything is a win win.


The only downside is a slow reload time, but the tradeoff is still acceptable depending on what mode you take this beast into.

We’ve got a Invective Destiny review for you to check out below, which offers a lot more analysis on it and whether the Invective is worth buying from Xur today.

How do you personally rate it – are you angry that Xur is now offering it up for free bypassing the bounty?



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