PS Plus January 2016 release date

By Alan Ng - Dec 29, 2015

Everyone is waiting to find out when PS Plus for January 2016 will be announced. We have a heads-up on the latest status on this for you now and a reminder on when the PS Plus January 2016 free games on PS4 and PS3 should be out.

Given that Microsoft announced the January 2016 Games with Gold lineup weeks ago, gamers were expecting Sony to follow suit before Christmas.

Sadly it didn’t happen yet though with Sony again taking their time to finalise what games are going to be available for free.


Above though is an update from PlayStation Community Manager Fred Dutton, who said on December 23 that the announcement should be available ‘next week’.

Given that its now December 29, we could find out what games are going free at any moment so brace yourselves for an announcement very soon.

As for the PS Plus January 2016 release date, this should be on Tuesday January 5 as this is the first Tuesday of the month with Sony now following a strict pattern and making the games available in the US and Europe at the same time which is good.

There also hasn’t been any leaks yet which adds to the suspense element, so give us your last minute PS Plus January 2016 predictions below.

Are you getting excited on what could be coming? Do you honestly think that Sony are taking their time to get a AAA game onto the lineup to match Microsoft who are offering the likes of Killer Instinct and Deus Ex for January?

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  • No Mans Sky Fan

    I hope Sony keeps on bringing these banging ass indies which I love and ooze of character and charisma. I mean Super Meat Boy! That game is the reason I play video games! Not so I can play COD#13 or buy into Pay to Win crap or so I can do these bullsheeeey preorder bonus garbage just to entice impulsive buyers into dropping cash on an idea sold to them thru cutscenes and CGI ya know? :]

    Now, most games, most indie games especially are Junk, pure nonsense. But I love these little indie games that get it right, aren’t cash grabs, and really stand out. Be it for gameplay, story, quirky art direction or characters,innovative design etc etc. you know that only s few people were involved wit this project and not a whole factory of people right, indie games are usually much more personal and imperfect, but in the best way 😀 Gotta love wen the little guy gets some attention!

    Moreover, I play these ps plus indie games with zero expectations and usually have a great experience. I go in as unbiased and non Nitpicky as possible. Im setting these games up to succeed. And if not? Then no worries,maybe was a waste of timr? But since didn’t really pay for it, it’s no big deal. I mean obviously I paid the $50 per year, but ya get my point. 😀 Keep me playing these awesome games til June SONY!!! 😀 can’t wait til ARK and No Mans Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!