Steam store is down on Dec 25, can’t login

By Peter Chubb - Dec 25, 2015

Update: Steam seems to be back up now.

We have been contacted by many of our readers to say that the Steam store is down today on December 25, 2015. This seems to be a global outage, as people are unable to login to their account.

However, the Steam website as a whole seems to be down, and we have noticed the message, “An error occurred while processing your request.”

Also on the page you get “Reference #97.1e2c1ab8.1451055219.24571b8,” and we assume that this is the same that everyone is seeing while the Steam service is down on Christmas Day.

Steam down right now

From what we can see, the service has been down for roughly an hour, and we cannot see any update from Steam engineers on any of the social channels, and so we have no clue as to when it will be back online.

Please leave feedback in the comments section below, and let our readers know once Steam is back up.

Is Steam down right now for you?

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    26 dec 21:11 Finland: Hello guys how are you doing, is it safe to login to steam now? have you lost your money in steam? worried :/

  • Jacco

    26 dec 19:05 The Netherlands: can’t login my second account, my main does work however i don’t have any more money in my account although it is my account name and info so rip €50 valve: please fix!

  • Stephen

    There are several articles online about this – Steam is under a hacking attack. The company is working to get the store servers back up. They have been on and off during the day, but some people getting in have found that their accounts get mixed up with other people’s. Let us hope that the hackers get found and imprisoned.

  • Cooper

    Store is finally up and can view the products, can’t login at all though. They losing so much money right now.

  • Meta

    23:24 still can’t login -.-

  • 3d

    someone have any idea aobut this offline problems ?

  • Ravi Swamidass

    16:55 Wisconsin, USA. Still cannot access steam from website or application. Praying nobody hacks my account. This is a nightmare.

  • Hautamaki

    5:56 PM Canada, Connection error continues on the webpage and store service.

  • Meta

    22:51 (Portugal) still can’t login

  • mynamejeff

    16:51 in usa,illinois STEAMISN’T WORKING

  • James Claydon

    22:50 England. Can’t even log into Steam right now.

  • mynamejeff

    is there any games for free for steam today/

    • Hautamaki

      Extremely hard to check sorry

  • Karol Pawlak

    23:49, not yet,

    anyway not in Poland

  • Karol Pawlak

    23:45 Poland, steam ist offline.

  • belgium gamer

    community is back i see

  • Adam Watt

    Thanks SkidNP, pissing people off on Christmas day, classy.

    • belgium gamer

      yeah i realy was hoping to buy gta5 and play t the whole evening but now because of those f@cks i cant buy it >:(

  • sparkikus .

    games library is still available for me, but nothing else now

  • Basrin

    Don’t add anyone you don’t know and don’t try to purchase anything on the store for more info on this check Steam Database on twitter. Daily info there.

    • Quackles

      my steam is acting up its changing languages and now when i added my funds i can t login in now idk what is going on here.

      • belgium gamer

        same here bro dont do anything u might bring ur account in danger

        • Quackles

          crap.well i already added funds.

  • stranger

    One random guy send me add and i accepted it! he told me he has my account. i check it and i had his account its something like trading your accounts or something

  • Basrin

    I think the group hacking is called SkidNP and apparently don’t quote me on this but they say “Hacking the steam servers will help get steam ready for counter measures in the future against hostile hackers” so yep

    • belgium gamer

      sheit i realy wanted to buy a gamewith money i got for christmas

  • belgium gamer

    uuuhm a couple of my freinds think steam is being hacked right now dont buy anything
    also if i click anything my language changes

  • FKCU Steam

    no server is gettin ddoesd

    • Basrin

      Idk I’m taking stabs at what it could be.

  • FKCU Steam

    i just were ona guy which had 83cents

  • Basrin

    Ummm I think steam is getting ddosed and the steam login server is going mad??

    • FKCU Steam

      by a chck er group named SkidNP

      they said theyre were goin to hack steam on xmas

    • FKCU Steam

      i just gonnan buy a stm game and rip

  • Basrin

    So I guess its cycling through random accounts showing some info and stuff by using shortcuts as to account details and other buttons….

  • FKCU Steam


  • FKCU Steam


    • DChad

      I still can’t log in.

  • FKCU Steam


  • deadbird

    WTF IM LOGGED IN BUT on market im another person WTF STEAM

  • FKCU Steam


  • superbandicoot998

    whenever i try to purchase the elder scrolls V skyrim it makes the page polish and it says that i have the game in my library which i dont. i really want the steam be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Basrin

    People remove your cred info by logging into steam over the internet hurry and get to account details under your username and remove cred info!

    • Ficker

      no one can buy anything anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    • FKCU Steam

      ye i alrdy got a some russian fucks credit card

    • FKCU Steam

      and a lot of polish and russians usernames

    • FKCU Steam


  • danknoscope

    i think steam may have been hacked.

    • Cairan Hennessy

      It’s been under a DDOS attack for about nine hours now, I’m guessing they finally got in now though.

      • Nerbeherder

        Im trying to figure out whats going on, half of people say that its because steam was overwhelmed because of the christmas deals, the other half say its because of a hacker group that claimed they were going to do this.

  • Room

    For some reason I have to login inside steam when I’m ALREADY logged in. There’s also some person’s email showing up and his profile.

    • John

      same how do we fix it?

  • headshot

    For some reason when I log into my steam account, and go to add funds someone elses name comes up. I can see all their credit information, previous purchases..

  • Charlie

    still down, why the hell can I browse others history of buying ?

  • Adi Haha

    wtf is going on ? i can’t log in and changes language everytime i go to steam store …. is everyone else having this issues?

    • Kack

      Same here

    • Cairan Hennessy

      Same here. Random languages and can’t actually add things to my shopping cart.

  • SteamFCKU

    like rlly steam im trying to buy a game

  • SteamFCKU

    yep same im worried

  • Rajm

    keeps showing me other peoples accounts and account settings

    • BearSlayer338

      Me too WTF is going on today with steam?
      I wonder if they got hacked or something.

      • Sir Lenopow

        They must have. Same for me and all friends

    • Tacker

      OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one, I thought I got hacked or something! :O

    • Sagar

      Same. I’m a bit worried

  • Chris Solgat

    Was just able to login and can navigate the Steam website as of 5 minutes ago.

  • Tanner Todd

    SkidNP has fulfilled their promise to take down steam on christmas. Merry Christmas everyone…
    can’t even enjoy my presents :'(

    • deadbird

      christmas was yesterday xD

      • PEW

        are you seriously that retarded? have you ever thought of different time zones. nope!

        • deadbird

          “2 days ago” yeah, so currently we are the 28, 28-2=26, so the day you red that it was the 25. so christmas WAS yesterday. Pls don’t talk to me you’ll contamin me with your ebola brain

  • rimakus

    intermittent availability, probably attack is in progress

  • Msisspam Msisspam

    Steam store is now down

  • Zuhan

    Its back up as of 9:45am EST

    • Dante Bell

      Lier, Its still down and its 11:33 AM EST!

      • Zuhan

        Sorry, im home for the holidays and my computer is still in Central Time. It seems that its intermittent. Probably a DDoS attack in progress.

  • Will F

    Got my first gaming pc. Cant download my games.


      Go to : BACKUP , and EXPORT the games to an U S B Stick.
      than , go to the newone , ImportGames … FINISH

  • Klasik Doubič

    it works now … playing Dota now 😉

  • jaycob

    last year xbox was down for like 4 hours

  • jaycob

    when will steam come back up again

  • Rome

    still down

    Update: It works on mobile!

    • stili

      Only the shop is down ….
      Login USW (Microsoft Office ) WORKS.

    • Jeff

      Mobile doesn’t work for me.

  • jaycob

    steam up yet

    • Dante Bell


  • jaycob

    i got a new gaming pc

    • Dante Bell


  • Sam

    Yep, Steam is down for me. Such a shame because I got a new laptop and would want to download some games. I heard from another news source that a hacker group threatened to take down Steam on Christmas day, maybe you could add that.

    • Bertie Drew

      It’s definitely possible but unlikely to be a cyber-attack, I reckon it’s just because so many people have tried to log on to the website that it’s crashed – should be back up once the Christmas furor has died down a bit 🙂

      • Adel Morse

        Nonsense. Steam was way busier when the sale started, on top of that on Christmas day most people tend to focus on other things than gaming… for the most part.

    • Dante Bell

      If the hacker group is Anonymous, then its probaly not true. The hackers are targeting ISIS, not steam :/