PSN down on December 25 after attack threat

By Alan Ng - Dec 25, 2015

We have just noticed that PSN is down on December 25 and it comes after threats were made against the service by certain individuals online.

Initially we thought that this was just a hoax, but low and behold many PS4 users are complaining that they can’t sign into PSN right now in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

It’s too early to say whether PSN servers have been hacked on December 24, but it would seem very unlikely for Sony to take PS4 servers down on Christmas Day for PSN maintenance.


You can see confirmation that the PSN servers are not working right now from the live results above from other gamers.

We will continue to provide the latest PSN server status updates here, but for now give us your feedback below. Is PSN down right now on Dec 25 in your region?

Do you think it is an attack on purpose just to spoil others fun?

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  • Admir Karalic

    I think Sony as a company should refund us all of our Digital Purchases, close their servers and fix their issues during a 2 year process in which they work harder around the Clock and fix this stupid problem once and for all. Very shameful.