GTA Online Snow 2015 update after hoax

By Alan Ng - Dec 23, 2015

We can see that many gamers are asking when will it snow in GTA Online for 2015. We wanted to remind you that this should be happening on Christmas Eve or late on Dec 23 and a heads-up that Rockstar has not activated snow in GTA Online yet.

This is contrary to the vast amount of live streams that are all over social media right now, misleading GTA players into thinking that snow has already arrived or is about to arrive.

Rockstar has not announced anything yet and although they want to keep it a surprise, snow should be arriving this week just before Christmas.


Everyone obviously wants to enjoy the Festive update and find out when it will snow in GTA Online, but are you getting frustrated with all of the videos and tweets suggesting that it is already live?

Those who are getting snow now in GTA Online are using mods / exploits to make it happen, so rest assured that you are not missing out on the fun just yet.

What have you thought of the Festive update this year so far, do you just want snow to appear above anything else? Remember that the firework launcher for GTA Online should be available closer to New Year as well.

Snow update in GTA Online? Just be patient and it will come.

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  • RebelMind

    Honestly it’s doing Rockstar no good by withholding this tunable from everyone playing Gta online on a console. I find it extremely selfish that they’d add all these Holiday cloths and what not yet completely disregard the snow. That’s honestly all anyone cares about & im sure if they just added it now more users would wanna log on and give money to this Corp. you’d almost think the snow was worth more than gold yet it’s as simple as a flick on a switch!