Final Fantasy 7 Remake news on Open World, Mini-Games

We are happy to bring you some fresh Final Fantasy 7 Remake news now, direct from Square-Enix. The developers for the game have given a new interview and discussed matters on FF7 Remake in relation to whether Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have an open world map and also what mini-games it will retain from the iconic original.

Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura have been speaking to Japanese magazine Dengeki, saying that they are currently unsure right now as to whether to label the Final Fantasy 7 Remake map ‘open world’ or ‘sandbox’.

Nomura did however state that he wants to create environments in which the character can ‘affect the background’.


The developers are also currently debating whether to put all FF7 mini-games into the remake with current technology, or just include the mini-games which fans deem the most important.

Full voice acting will be used for the game and it looks like Square-Enix are also going to be recreating the dating elements in the game and include the infamous Wall Market scene – whilst making sure they are ‘socially careful’ with it, given the changing trends in society.

You can read more details about the interview, in a translated version over at Siliconera here. Let us know your expectations in terms of the open world scale and what mini-games you definitely want to see make a return.



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