New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer download in HD

Square-Enix has finally released the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that everyone was waiting to see after D23 Japan. For those that have yet to see it, we can now show you where you can download the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer in its entirety in full HD quality.

This new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay footage is probably going to be the last we see of the game this year and the last content for a good while given Square-Enix are infamous for taking their time on development.

If you want to have the opportunity to own your own copy of the latest gameplay, you’ll be pleased to hear that the guys over at AllGamesBeta have uploaded the entire trailer here for you to download.

This is the full KH3 trailer broadcast a few days ago and also a fresh look at Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 too for those that are interested in playing that game.


The only disappointing aspect of the new trailer going public is the fact that we still don’t know the confirmed Kingdom Hearts 3 release date.

We once again saw ‘now in development’ at the end of the trailer suggesting that Square-Enix is still nowhere near ready to give a public date yet to fans.

What are your thoughts on the trailer – was it worth the wait? Let us know if you enjoyed the HD download below.



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