Bloodborne 1.09 update live with patch notes

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2015

We are pleased to see that a new Bloodborne update has just gone live on PS4. The next time you boot up the game after server maintenance, Bloodborne update 1.09 is now ready for download.

The good news is that we have the Bloodborne 1.09 patch notes nice and early for you. Some of you may remember that the 1.08 notes were delayed hours after the maintenance and nobody knew what had changed.

This time though, the developers have provided the Bloodborne 1.09 update notes in English as well as Japanese – we’ve added them below as they appear on the official website.


As you can see, you can now trade with blood rock and you’ll need 60 pieces of Insight to do it. Elsewhere, the Chuck Insight trading price has been reduced from 30 to 20 and strength and stamina cost for certain weapons has also been adjusted.

General undocumented fixes have also been mentioned in the notes, so let us know what you notice new in Bloodborne 1.09 after installing the update today.

Is your gameplay much better on 1.09 or not?

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  • Malcefium

    AWESOME, now I can buy the amount of Blood Rocks and Chunks to upgrade the new weapons, like the Beast Cutter, and utterly DESTROY my enemies. Good job From Software,