Steam Store down for some on December 18

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2015

We can see that some users are having issues with the Steam Store down on December 18. While we can see that it is working for us, feedback on social media and on Steam Store status trackers suggest that it is not working at full capacity.

The minute the Steam Store suffers problems, many gamers will flood to – a useful tracker which updates in realtime whenever there’s a problem.

At the time of writing it reads ‘Steam is down’, so there’s definitely something wrong at the moment – hopefully this will improve within the hour.


As we said, the Steam Store is up for others including us so at least we can conclude that it’s not a global outage at this point.

We’ll try to update you on the Steam status here as we get updates, but for now give us your feedback in your area.

Is Steam down right now for you or not?

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