Iron Banner Control release date, exclusive PlayStation gear

We have confirmation of the Iron Banner December 2015 release date, with the extra good news being that Bungie is brining back the Iron Banner Control mode which should make a lot of you happy.

Iron Banner will be available on December 29 and this one is also going to be coming with gear that is exclusive to PlayStation versions.

Bungie has given a preview of the PlayStation items below, which was also shared on the official PlayStation Twitter page hours ago highlighting the exclusive deal.


There’s some nice looking gear there, especially the cloak with the wolf design and the flame gauntlets.

You’ll be able to get them from Lord Saladin and as post-game drops – Bungie has full details on the new Iron Banner gear on their new Weekly Update which you should definitely check out.

What are your thoughts on Bungie bringing platform exclusive content to the Iron Banner – does this bother you or not as an Xbox player?



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