GTA Online Extraction mode with Double Cash, RP

We wanted to give you a heads-up that following on from the big GTA 5 1.15 update, Rockstar has also activated double GTA Online cash and RP on the new Extraction mode as part of the Executives and other Criminals DLC.

Extraction involves players hunting down a crashed executive jet, with teams having to either rescue the VIP from the stricken jet and get him to the location on time – or find and kill him if you are on the criminals side.

It’s a fun mode and now you can earn double GTA money and RP on it for a limited time while the event is fresh out on servers.


We’ve added some gameplay below for those that want to know what the mode is all about, but don’t forget you can check out the full GTA 5 1.15 patch notes here if you need a reminder on everything that Rockstar has added in the update.

Has Extraction done a good job in putting more longevity in the game, or are you starting to get bored? How many of you managed to fork up enough cash to buy the luxury Aquarius yacht?

At least playing Extraction mode this weekend should give you the extra funds you need.



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