EE Power Bar recall offers no replacement for now

There was recently a recall for the EE Power Bar, and while it is very unlikely for your model to have an issue, the UK carrier felt they had no choice but to issue this recall as a precautionary step. The reason being that they feel the safety of their costumers comes first.

Before we take a further look into the reason for the recall, we thought you would like to know that EE is currently not offering any replacement Power Bars for now, as they are more focussed on the recall.

If you have one of these Bars, then EE advises that you stop using them right away, just as a precaution. You should then go to your nearest EE store with your Power Bar and hand it in to one of the team.

EE Power Bar recall

You will then be given a £20 voucher for eligible EE customers, where you will be given instructions on what to do with that voucher, which you will then be able to redeem at

In order to locate your nearest EE Store, then places use this tool to do so.

Please remember, if you do have one of these Power Bars, stop using it right away and unplug from any device you currently have it plugged in to.

The reason for this recall is due to a few people noticing that their Power Bars had overheated, which would pose a risk of fire.



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