Black Ops 3 update with Black Market change

Some of you may have noticed that there has been another stealth update for Black Ops 3 multiplayer. The good news is that Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has been on hand once again to let the community know the changes that have been implemented.

One of the notable changes is the ability to use the Black Market to acquire Supply Drops whilst in the pre-game lobby.

Usually you would have had to back out of a game in order to use the Black Market, but now you can do it whilst waiting for the next map to start which is nice.


Elsewhere, Treyarch has also introduced the following changes to the game:

– You can be killed by your own Scorestreaks (again)
– Hellstorm buff
– Wraith defense buff
– Multiple Medal/Challenges tracking fixes.

Finally there’s also some minor changes with a Black Market looping sound fix, in-game store images/language fixes and also the Brass Knuckles taunt getting its FX.

So there we have it – let us know if you have spotted any other new gameplay changes in Black Ops 3 after the hotfix.

Are you happy that David Vonderhaar is letting players know what happens in these hotfixes as most other developers usually stay silent?



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