New PS4 exclusive game coming from Hideo Kojima

Here’s some amazing breaking news to wake up to in the morning. Sony has just announced that they have signed a deal with Hideo Kojima, who will now work for Kojima Productions away from Kojima on a new PS4 exclusive game.

Not just a single game either, a new franchise from Hideo Kojima is in the works and it is going to send shockwaves through the community once the dust settles in.

This is a major deal after all and coming immediately after the official end of Kojima’s contract with Konami. Kojima has said on Twitter that this is a ‘new start’ for him and that he will be making creative games for as ‘long as he lives’.


Above is the new Kojima Productions logo moving forward, so give us your thoughts on the interesting design below.

There’s no specific details on what Hideo Kojima’s new PS4 exclusive game will be, but obviously we will need to stay tuned for further developments.

Give us your reaction to this bombshell and to those that are reading this as an Xbox owner, are you disappointed that Kojima has signed with Sony?



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