Hyundai IONIQ render teases design and aerodynamic performance

Another Hyundai IONIQ render has been teased, and this new one allows us to finally see its design details from the silhouette. Not only that, but the exterior shot gives us a better idea as to how greater its aerodynamic performance is than any of their other models.

Hyundai has officially announced that its upcoming IONIQ will be the first car to come with three efficient powertrains, all of which deliver ultra-low-emissions. These are electric, plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid, and gasoline-electric hybrid. However, it’s not just the engines that offer great fuel-efficiency, as contours that flows through its exterior do as well.

Looking over the IONIQ rendering you can see how the contours reduce drag significantly and manages airflow so that it is directing across the car to make the car aerodynamically efficient.

Hyundai IONIQ interior

One thing that we are impressed with are the active flaps that directs the airflow across the car differently, depending on the situation. The front grille even has an attractive gloss-black element, which protrudes outwards to meet the headlamps.

So the new design and powertrains means the IONIQ will allow the driver to appreciate a responsive driving experience, and also feel happy in the knowledge that their impact on the environment will be far less.

For further insight into this model before its debut in Korea next month, please visit Hyundai for further details.



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