Ford GT innovations benefits acceleration, fuel economy and braking

We will have to wait until CES 2016 next month to see what wonderful innovations the Ford GT will come with, although we have already been teased some of that technology. The latest of these innovations is the use of Gorilla Glass for the windshield and engine cover, which is the very same damage-resistant material that you get on some mobile devices.

The use of Corning Gorilla Glass benefits Ford GT acceleration, fuel economy and braking performance because of the reduction in weight. Ford says that the weight saving is around 12 pounds, and we know shaving off a few pounds here and there really does add up to make a huge difference.

Not the only benefit – The use of Gorilla Glass means the windshield can be from 25 to 50 percent thinner, while still remaining as strong as if it were the thickness of conventional glass. This will also allow the center of gravity to be reduced, which also helps to improve handeling.

Ford GT with Gorilla Glass

Ford has been working on this with Corning for four months now, and the good news is the fact that Ford has said they are looking at using Gorilla Glass in other models of theirs further down the line.

One issue that we do have is how expensive it will be to use this hybrid glass on a car because of it being such a huge area. However, if this raises popularity of its use on vehicles, then maybe that could eventually drive prices down and become more widely used?



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