Hoverboards impounded over risk of exploding

Hover boards, or balance scooters as some people know them by are proving to be one of the most popular gifts for Christmas, although consumers have now started to regret their purchase.

The reason for this is because there is a risk that these hover boards are exploding, and so thousands of them are now being impounded at UK ports, just to make certain they do not find their way into consumers hands.

We can understand why this action has been taken, because it does not matter if all retailers stop selling them in the UK, there are always ways for people to sell them to the consumer.

Hoverboards impounded over risk of exploding

ITV News has reported on just how serious this issue is, as when these gadgets explode they risk the riders safety such is the severity of how lethal these can be.

It has to be very serious when Trading Standards makes the decision to impound products, although this is pretty much the only way to ensure no more can make it to the public, and so will keep our children safe.

This issue is more widespread than you would think, as Halfords recently recalled their own branded Hover Board, the Air Runner Balance Board, and we also know many other retailers have started to recall and take them of their shelves.



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