GTA 5 1.15 update live with Online 1.31 patch notes

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2015

We told you that the GTA V Executives and other Criminals update would be going live after 10am UK time on Tuesday morning and we didn’t disappoint.

Right on schedule, the GTA V 1.15 update on PS4 is now live which relates to the GTA Online 1.31 update on PS4, Xbox One and PC too.

Now we can bring you the full GTA V 1.15 PS4 and GTA Online 1.31 patch notes to show you exactly what Rockstar has changed in the game.


The notes are some of the biggest we have ever seen for a new GTA DLC update, certainly far too much to list every change and fix here.

Rockstar has detailed everything here, so sit back make a drink and read through everything carefully – there’s also some specific platform fixes for PC and Xbox One versions to be aware of.

The yacht is now available for sale along with the other luxury content such as apartments and mansions. Read the GTA V 1.15 update notes in the link above, then come here and give us your reaction to this massive update below.

Is it the best update that Rockstar has delivered so far in your opinion?

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  • zaakir

    and xbox 360 and ps3 we need update i wish we had the halloween update and the crimal update and the chrismas update please

  • zaakir

    we need updtae for ps3 skuntt

  • chris47368


    • Vlad


      • chris47368

        well found out this happened before with another patch so all I have to do is wait for this new script hook to be uploaded by the creator : /

    • . .

      Don’t worry. In ten minutes a work around will exist

      • chris47368

        stealing usernames isn’t nice phoney(chris47368) :'( only I can be the chris7368[Jokes],the end digits was given to me randomly when I was signing up for an account!!!Genuinely.

      • Dan B

        still no update 🙁