Black Ops 3 COD Points UK, US release time confirmed

We have a quick heads-up to give to all Black Ops 3 players now, as we know many of you are currently asking what time COD Points will be available.

This is the new virtual currency that is launching alongside Black Ops 3 patch 1.04, which was already deployed hours ago.

The COD Points update is instead at the mercy of the respective PS Store and Xbox Marketplace updates, but fortunately we can now bring you the exact time of when you can use COD Points on PS4 and Xbox One.


Above is a Tweet from Activision’s official page which confirms that COD Points will be going live at 10am Pacific Time. That means 1pm for those on Eastern Time and 6PM for everyone in the UK.

Remember that you will not only be able to use COD points to buy Rare Supply Drops, but you can also use them to buy Liquid Divinium for Zombies mode if you prefer.


You also should know that Activision will be giving out 200 free COD Points to all players that log on on Tuesday December 15 whilst stocks last, so you definitely don’t want to miss that.

Let us know if you are willing to buy COD points with real money. Are the camos and gear really worth that much to you for bragging rights online?



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