Black Ops 3 Butterfly Knife gameplay with epic animation

One of the big talking points from the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 1.04 update is the arrival of three new secondary weapons exclusive to the Black Market.

One of these is the Butterfly Knife and now we can show you the first gameplay of it being used and more importantly, the amazing Black Ops 3 butterfly knife animation that comes with it.

Not only does the main design look great, but the animation is even better when you press square or X – you can do this at any point in a game and the opposing team can see you performing the animation too which is really cool.


It goes without saying that many players will be using the animation feature in-game before making a kill, but bear in mind that it could get you killed quicker as well.

Check out the first butterfly knife gameplay for Black Ops 3 below and let us know if any of you have managed to get one from the common or rare supply drops early.



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